You have probably heard the term marketing automation and want to know what it is. Or you already know what marketing automation means but don’t quite understand why it is beneficial for your B2B company, right? If you are here looking for answers to these questions, then this is the blog for you. 

We all have witnessed rapid development and technological advancements that have disrupted or replaced traditional practices in many industries. Such is the case of this technology called Marketing Automation.  

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation, as the name implies, means to carry out marketing activities through the use of various software. Hubspot and Marketo are some of the most well-known marketing automation software used by companies around the world. 

Marketing software emerged from the need for addressing the audience, available through the growing media channels. But it’s usage took a rapid pace only after the mid-2000s and today has become so important that many companies have their marketers use at least one automation software or tool. 

A study found that 53% of B2B organizations implement marketing automation, and 37% plan to. 

So what makes marketing automation so important among B2b organizations?  

Automation in marketing has myriad advantages. We are going to highlight 3 of these which are worth mentioning. 

Aids in lead nurturing and lead generation:

Lead nurturing is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. A DemandGen report found that nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured. 

Lead nurturing is an art which requires marketers to understand what kind of content and when this content,  is each lead ready to consume. Here is where marketing software comes in. It relieves us from this hassle by automating the process of sending the right content to the right person at the right time.  

Segmenting your database, better targeting: 

Lead nurturing is done right when the right person gets the right message. 

To send the right message to the right person, we first need to identify and segregate each of the leads in our database based on what content each of them is ready to consume. Such segregation is called segmentation. 

Segmenting is a very time consuming and is not a very accurate process when done manually. 

Automation software like Campaigner gives detailed data and insight on what kind of content is each lead in our database ready to consume and helps us segment them accordingly. 

And with such content sent to a contact based on their behaviour makes our leads’ experience personalized, which is essential to generate sales qualified leads. 

Improving client retention: 

Retaining your existing customers and turning them into your loyal customers is nothing less than turning them into business assets. 

Your loyal customers are your assets and to develop these assets, one must be able to retain their existing customers consistently. Marketing automation helps you retain such customers by keeping in touch with them and supporting ongoing engagement. 

By tracking the online behaviour of your customers, automation software gives information about which lead has gone cold and which one is ready to buy again. It also helps us cross-sell or upsell to active customers. 

Other than the points mentioned above, automation software helps you in increasing the productivity of your marketing team, save time by streamlining the marketing and sales process and also help track your marketing ROI. 

So, should you invest in marketing automation software?

In our opinion, yes! If anything, marketing automation software will only enhance your marketing efforts and help get better and measurable results. 

Automation is the future. And, if not today, with the rapid growth in technology, automation software will be one of the assets in which a company would need to invest in the future.

But, if you still think investing in automation software is not in your budget, you can always hire a Lead Generation Marketing Agency like Lorac Media. We at LoracMedia make a multi-channel approach using the latest tools and technologies to give our clients a competitive edge over their competitors. Learn more about us.