High conversion is something that all digital marketers strive for, but only the best achieve. By increasing your conversion rate, you build the foundations to increase your return on investments which also allows you to make the most of your digital marketing budget. 

At Lorac Media, we specialize in converting your best leads into your top clients. Therefore, here we have compiled four handy conversion tips for you to implement in your business today. 

Ameliorate Lead Generation

The first steps to increasing digital conversions are to improve your lead generation efforts. Without a solid set of leads, you will not be able to increase your conversions. Lead generation is what brings more people onto your domain. You can generate leads with ads, guest posting, social-media accounts or by improving your SEO. 

Conversion Marketing Strategies

Conversion marketing experts understand that a polished, high-quality website is key to generating leads, as it is the first interaction a potential client has with your firm, a slow, unresponsive website is likely to create a wrong impression on potential customers. Industry veterans also realize that to generate successful leads, outreach and promotion has to be done first, as you cannot solely rely on SEO optimization and organic traffic. 

Ensure the use of Smart Pop-Ups

Smart pop-ups have been proven to increase an email list significantly and improve e-commerce conversion rates by a notable amount. The most common intelligent pop-ups used include: 

  • Delayed Pop-ups – This type of popups appears after a visitor spends a fixed amount of time on your website.
  • Pushdown and Pushup Pop-ups – “Pushdowns” are pop-ups that appear on top of a site, pushing all the content down, while “pushups” appear from below the screen.
  • Entry Pop-ups – These occur when a visitor immediately when a user enters your website. The key to nailing these types of pop-ups are them being transparent, readable and straightforward with a clear call to action. However, it would be best if you were incredibly careful with the use of entry pop-ups since if done incorrectly, they can turn visitors off your website and can lead to declining conversions, a lower return rate of visitors, and decreased revenues.
  • Exit Intent Pop-ups – These appear when the visitor tries to leave the page and can be used to get the customer’s attention with last-minute deals, promos, and discounts. 
  • Sign-up Forms – Sign-up forms are used to encourage people who visit your website to subscribe (to your mailing list or newsletter) in return for an incentive. 

Timing is crucial for pop-ups. To ensure your timing and deployment is right A/B tests must be conducted to determine the perfect use of pop-ups that will benefit your business and boost conversions. 

Understanding Your Audience 

The most crucial factor in increasing your conversion rate is to understand your target audience. You do not want to be marketing and targeting people who have no interest in your product or service as this is a waste of time, money, and resources. 

Evaluating your direct competitors’ brand voice, the types of marketing strategies they use and the messaging they bring out in their advertising can help you design your next campaign. 

Also creating a customer persona can help significantly as this allows you to conceptualize your ideal customer. In most cases, firms make a fictional character with information like education level, family life, career and income, and maybe even details like a name and personality traits helping you target the right people to increase conversion. 

Implementing A/B Testing 

In order to convert effectively, you have to analyze your web traffic’s behavior, think of every element in your campaign and their possible variations: email subjects, images, copies, CTAs, but not limited to pop-ups. 

Then put them through rigorous and controlled testing with A/B and A/B/C tests. When analyzing the results of your trials, you will be able to see which variations are more effective, therefore making your marketing efforts more successful. 

A/B testing allows you to understand what type of content connects with your audience and what does not. Every single element of your marketing campaign should be designed to generate leads and maximize your ROI.

What’s next for your business?

Improving your conversion rates can be extremely challenging without the right tools and expertise. You deserve the best clients, and our team at Lorac Media helps you find them. 

With the guidance of our group of experienced individuals and industry experts, the future is bright for your firm. Generating suitable leads and converting them into loyal customers has never been easier. 
Contact Lorac Media today to find out how you can maximize the impact of your next marketing campaign.