Is the future of Marketing only AI and Automation? Will the marketers lose their jobs due to the rising tech trends?

Although this might be a possibility, we cannot be sure of this in 2020. What we can be sure of is what marketing trends will define 2020 and maybe beyond, especially after this pandemic. 

A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing and 2019 and the pandemic period have laid the road map of what trends would drive B2B marketing this 2020. So what trends are on the way? 


Martech refers to Marketing Technology which includes – automation software, analytics tools, and emerging tech such as AI. With no doubt, the future of Marketing is tech-driven which has made the marketing processes easier, more efficient, and more trackable(In terms of ROI). 

The only question is, will this take over the human work completely? Well, this is something we all will have to wait and watch for.

Video Content:

Video marketing is a powerful tool for B2Bs as it allows you to offer in-depth demos of your products and services, create tutorials for your products, and even promote new product launches more engagingly. 

70% of B2B buyers watch a video as part of their product research before conversion.

Also, live streaming a very popular feature of video content helps you and your audience engage with each other in real-time and is helpful for Q&A sessions, promoting your products, and connecting with your audience. 

Personalized Experience:

B2B and B2C marketing are not much different considering that the end customers are humans. 

And thus, B2B personalization is just as important as B2C personalization is for winning business. About 72% of B2B customers expect a deep understanding of their needs, reflected through personalized experiences. 

Also, having a personalized strategy impacts ROI, as 79% of business that exceeds their revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy.

These kinds of experiences are delivered through various digital channels such as Email, Social Media, Digital Ads, etc.


Chatbots offer the ability to provide a 24×7 customer service by learning from conversations on the website taking place between a consumer and a sales rep and use the data to answer customer queries. Not only this, but each conversation it has with the visitors is used as data to determine a potential prospect that is sent to the sales reps. 

The sales team hence saves time on identifying quality leads and can focus solely on most potential customers.

Linkedin Marketing:

As B2B marketing is rapidly shifting in the digital space, social media marketing definitely cannot be ignored, especially LinkedIn. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing. 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation. LinkedIn has already proven to be the best platform for lead generation and with a rapid shift to digital due to the pandemic, LinkedIn will only become more important. 

Our final thoughts 

Technology is the future and personalization is going to be an integral aspect of communicating with your customers.

Change is permanent and one must be prepared to evolve and transform with this change. This applies to any industry- even for your business.

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