Do you want your emails to have maximum impact? Do you want to increase your email open rates? If yes, we have some solutions shortlisted for your next b2b email

Emails are still the most dominant form of communication for marketers. It can be personalized, targeted, and customized according to the prospect’s preference. They are widely used by most marketers, therefore, you need to stand out from your competitors to make a different impression. 

We at Lorac Media after studying plenty of our prospects’ behavior on receiving the emails are today listing down 5 easy ways to improve the impact of your emails. Continue reading to know how you can improve your b2b email delivery.

1. Optimize emails for all devices

While creating b2b email marketing content you need to make sure that it is viewable on all devices. Consumers have confessed that they check their phones in the morning as their first task and prefer using mobile to access emails quickly, therefore, it should always be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization will help you reach more prospects and increase your chances of sales.

2. Personalize your content

Personalization is the key to connect with your prospects. Automation tools can help you create very personalized emails. To start with, you can use your prospect’s name and start with a greeting. Personalization also helps your mail to be delivered in the inbox section and not in the promotional tab. You can also gather more subscribers who are interested in your product or service by sending them a personalized email.

3. Mail at the right time

Finding the right time when your potential leads are the most active can get you better delivery results. For this, you need to spend some time understanding your prospects. 

You can refer to the analytics to get a clear view of the timings. You also need to keep in mind the location and work environment of your prospects so that you can deliver them emails according to their time zone and availability. Our team at Lorac Media observes the behavior of their prospects to deliver them emails at the right time.

4. Add client testimonials

“72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business – Big Commerce“.

If your b2b email marketing strategy is to acquire new clients then you must add your present client’s testimonials. It will make your business more reliable. Personal recommendations have a bigger impact than any other form of marketing influences. When your prospect read about your present client testimonials they are more likely to be convinced to trust you.

5. Always add a Call to Action

A call-to-action button should create a sense of urgency for your prospects. Your CTA must highlight the goal of your campaign. If you want the best results from your call to action button, create a separate landing page for it. This will help you create multiple landing pages that are customized according to your prospect’s behavior.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned how you can make your emails stand out from your competitors, here is another tip for you- 

Creativity is key.

Do not waste your time in creating generic emails, if you want to get one step ahead of your competitors, you should experiment with new ideas. Your emails should sound more like a friend talking and not like a salesperson boasting about their product or services. 

Our team of professions with years of experience creates personalized emails for their prospects to meet their client’s goals. Get in touch with us now.