When COVID-19 hit the world, B2B marketers were understandably panicking as most of the Lead Generation activities are impossible to carry out from a quarantined situation. As Work From Home and online marketing becomes the new normal, B2B marketers have to find efficient solutions that are different from the ones they had been using, to reach the potential clients and generate ROI.

5 Strategies for B2B Email Marketing During COVID-19

Email Marketing as a tool of focus

In the early stages of the pandemic outbreak, most people wrote off emails as a historical artifact and obsolete. However, according to Hubspot, the number of emails sent and received has increased by an unprecedented 27% during the COVID-19 scenario. 

The reason behind this sudden surge in email consumption is the change behind is the new-found attention of the content-hungry audience who are stranded in this new normal. In fact, in this pandemic emails have emerged as the most important source for the dissemination of news and information. With more people using email than ever, this is the best time for your team to integrate email marketing into your strategy today.

Here we enlist five tips for you to be able to successfully utilize the benefits of implementing email marketing as your strategy. 

1. Understanding the Audience

As a marketer, understanding the psyche of the audience is the most important thing. The entire world is going through a difficult period of unprecedented circumstances. Hence the emails going out must speak to their audiences and not be generic spam material. You cannot be yet another emailer who sends out a lot of info rather than a few concrete ideas. Using topical awareness about COVID 19 strategies and governmental notices in your email may make you sound more authentic than your competitors.

2. A superior product

You should always ask why would someone read your mass email? What should it feature so that they are opened more often and deleted less often? How can you possibly add value to your email? Treating your email like a product whose quality control is essential is the way, in my opinion. Dazzling graphics, unique content, and a personal tone often raises the rates of engagement. Another extremely popular tool to use is the newsletter, which is a carefully curated list of designed content created specifically for a certain target audience. 

3. Automated Messages 

Setting up an automated message template, in today’s age and time is an absolute necessity. The more engaging your email content is, the more clicks and responses it would generate. Replying to every inquiry manually one by one could be a bit cumbersome. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also about modularity. With a template in place, one can easily modify it to convey the information of choice to their subscribers. Furthermore, an automated message can be programmed to go out immediately after the response is received. This would decrease the bounce rate, and an instantaneous to-and-fro communication channel will be established.

4. Focused Retargeting

If you have a database of pre-existing customers, their focused retargeting is key to increase ROI. Although this can be done in many ways, sending personalized emails is our choice. Emails are uniquely scalable and hence are an apt tool for retargeting and recapturing lost leads. Also, an email newsletter has more space for extra text and additional designs, providing ample opportunities for a marketer to explore.

5. Timing and Metrics

The time at which your email goes out has to be closely monitored. Remember that your audience isn’t online checking emails the entire day. A little bit of experimentation would confirm when the biggest portion of our audience is active. However, to understand these numbers, you’d need certain metrics to keep these things tracked down. Here is a list of three important email metrics.

  • Email opening rate.
  • Email click rate.
  • Email conversion rate

Based on these numbers you can predict not just audience engagement but also the text: image ratio that works the best for you, the tonality of the messaging, and the graphic designs that are the most well-received by the audience. This will help you formulate a better email strategy for the future.

Email is the biggest marketing tool during the Pandemic

Email marketing has proven itself to be a game-changer in these desperate times. When most of the traditional sales and marketing processes are deemed obsolete, email marketing has only grown from strength to strength. Have you employed modern email marketing schemes in your sales generation processes? Do you want an intensive email marketing strategy planned for your business? Our team of experienced professionals at Lorac Media can help you build a full-fledged email strategy for your lead generation processes.