Are you struggling to generate email subscribers? Do you want to double the size of your mail list? Email newsletter subscribers are vital soft leads that could end up one day as full-fledged clients with the right amount of gentle persuasion.  

Email sign-ups directly correlate with positive lead generation. Increasing the number of people on your mailing list quickly increases traffic to your website; therefore, having a reliable system to generate those so important leads will help grow your business

Lorac Media Email signs us

Here at Lorac Media, we have taken the time to come up with seven proven methods to almost double your email sign-ups. 

Double your email sign-ups with these tips:

1. Incentives, Incentives, Incentives

By signing up for your mailing list, what does the client get in return? Maybe a rebated price on services or products, or the inclusion in a raffle draw where a randomly chosen winner receives freebies and prizes. Potential customers are more likely to sign up for your mailing list if they know there is something to gain. 

2. Pop-up(s) and Say Hello

Having a box magically appear in front of your potential client’s eyes, asking them to sign up will definitely improve your chances of gaining more sign-ups quickly. “The single best method I’ve used to grow email lists rapidly is via website pop-ups,” said Kent Lewis, president and founder of Anvil Media. Pop-ups are hard to miss and proven solutions to grow your email list. 

3. Take the Time to Choose your Colors

Did you know that 85% of shoppers say that color is the primary reason they buy a particular product?

Having a contrasting button to your website colors will tempt web surfers to click on it. Adjusting your pop-up or sign-up button’s color scheme will subconsciously tempt users to join your mailing list. Therefore the use of color is essential and should immediately increase sign-ups. 

4. Help them follow up

Make sure you link to your newsletter sign-up option on every page on your website. That way, visitors who have just finished reading a page or watching a video are going to be reminded to sign-up for even more content. You will be able also to consider coding this way into the footer of your website.

5. Ask for Feedback 

A feedback form is an ingenious way to gain feedback and get website users to sign-up for your mailing list. The form can be extremely straightforward, asking the user about their experience on the site so far and their contact details; keep it short; you don’t want to overwhelm the user. The most significant benefit is that you gain valuable feedback from customers plus increase your email sign-ups.  

6. Add Call To Action Buttons 

Adding a CTA button on social media adverts and other digital adverts will allow interested viewers to access your website and sign-up list more quickly. A compelling call-to-action eliminates confusion, allowing your potential clients to take the appropriate next steps. That might be to visit a specific page, book a call, and in this instance, sign up to your email list. 

7. Be Transparent 

Build trust with your new signees, be honest with how many emails you will send them, and promise them you won’t sell their data or use it in any other way than initially intended for. Being honest with your potential and current clients will build loyalty and make them trust your brand. If clients are misled, you as a brand will lose all credibility and make it extremely difficult for you to retain them as a client. 

What’s next?

Now that you have learned how you can increase your email sign-ups, here is another tip for you- 

Go out and connect. 

Networking is the best way to increase relevant traffic to your firm. At Lorac Media, we aim to provide high ROI with quality leads and are ready to help with all your business growth-related queries from networking, email marketing to lead, demand, and appointment generation.
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