Are you finding it difficult to generate quality leads? Are you looking for some tips to attract leads that would convert?

Well, then you are in the right place. In this blog, Lorac Media shares 7 tips which can be used by companies or marketers in any industry to generate a better quality lead.

In today’s competition, the only way to stay ahead is to have the audience gripped in a way that makes your brand stand out, while also creating a demand for your products and services.

‘Lead Generation’ exactly does that- It galvanizes and captivates the interest of your target audience- who we call ‘Leads’- and channels them to your product or service with the ultimate goal of converting them from a ‘Lead’ to a ‘Customer’.

The likeliness of a lead to become your paying customer is what decides their quality. Many times, these leads never convert because of their poor quality. 

Higher the possibility of these leads converting, higher is their quality. And, it is these leads which many marketers find challenging to generate. 

According to a recent study by IDG, 61% of marketers reported that generating high-quality leads was a big obstacle for their organization.

Even if marketing executives prioritize high-quality leads for lead generation, it is also undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges their marketers face today.

So how can we generate such leads? 

Before we discuss the strategies to generate leads, here are a few questions one must ask to begin with.-

  • Who is the lead?
  • How to reach these leads?
  • What does one want with these leads?
  • What do the potential customers want?
  • What can their business deliver?
  • What do they want their customers to do after they purchase?
  • And lastly, how will they track their process?

Having an answer to these questions at an early stage will help them move forward with informed decisions and know where improvements are required in the process. 

Asking these questions at an early stage will help you move forward with informed decisions, know where improvements are required in the process, and to swiftly implement the following strategies to generate high-quality leads.

Creating a detailed buyer persona

Consumer behaviour keeps changing and evolving as quickly as trends and technologies. It is crucial that we first do an in-depth study on our target audience and create a buyer persona which covers their pain points, challenges, goals, and buying behaviour. 

This helps us target the right audience with a solution in the form of different types of content, or our products & services, and thus increase our chances of getting quality leads. 

Encouraging Online Reviews

A RevLocal study found that 92% of consumers read online reviews before considering to purchase a product or service. Another study reported 95% of consumers to read online reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews help in building trust with our audience which ultimately results in a higher conversion rate. 

Thus, if your website does not display client testimonials or has a review feature you are missing out on many inquiries. 

Connecting on Social Media

It is a common misconception that social media platforms are for B2C companies only. A survey was done by Omobono busts this myth by finding that 79% of the total B2B marketers in this survey rated social media as the most effective marketing channel. Also, according to IDG, 84% of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media when purchasing.

Social Media is the best place to connect with your target audience and build lasting relationships with them through the use of engaging content. 

Using Email Marketing Channel

Emails are considered to be the best Lead generation channel today. It helps us track and analyse each user’s behaviour in real-time allowing us to reach our potential customers with content customized specifically for them. Trust is a great influencer in making a buying decision and a customized content helps us gain this trust of our audience by making them feel heard and understood.

According to SuperOffice’s State of B2B Email Marketing report, 77% of B2B marketers use email marketing to drive leads.

Being the oldest form digital marketing channel, Emails are still one of the best ways to generate quality leads for our business.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

According to a report by Marketing Profs, businesses that implement AI see 59% better close rates for sales, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% higher conversion.

The most popular form of AI used by marketers and the sales team is a Chat bot.

Chatbots learn from conversations on the website taking place between a consumer and a sales rep and use the data to answer customer queries and understand what a quality lead looks like. Each conversation it has with the visitors is used as data to determine a potential prospect which is sent to the sales reps. 

The sales team hence saves time on identifying quality leads and can focus solely on most potential customers.

Extending your online reach

Online space for marketers is not limited to social media only.  Guest blogging, answering questions on platforms like Quora or interviewing industry experts are some other ways of reaching out to the audience which otherwise may not be possible through your social media pages or website alone.

This will help you increase your brand credibility and authority which in return will attract quality leads. 

Making a Multi-Channel Lead Generation approach 

Emails, Websites, Social Media Platforms, and other Digital Marketing platforms are a great source to get quality leads. But, with a cut-throat competition like today, using only 1 or 2 of these platforms is not enough. 

To be able to make your online presence known and reaching your target audience, you must take a multi-channel approach. Meaning, one must target through all the channels where their target audience is present and connect with them based on their behaviour on those platforms.  This will help you increase your online presence, brand recall value and help acquire quality Leads.

As discussed, generating quality leads is challenging for many sales and marketing teams. But with setting the right goals, having a well-planned strategy like the one mentioned above and consistent research, analysis, and improvement will definitely make your work of generating quality leads a lot easier than ever.

And if you are lacking the time and resources to do this work, you can always hire a specialist agency to grow your business with quality leads and help you focus on your primary work.