In the age where technology and innovation are changing at a faster rate than ever, replacing the traditional marketing methods with modern digital marketing strategies, emails still remain irreplaceable. With nearly 4 billion users in 2019 which is to increase up to 4.3 billion, emails are the oldest yet one of the most effective ways of marketing and communication.

According to a report by DMA, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42 which is a lot considering the ROI from Social Media, SEO and other channels are not even close.

Emails help in sending highly targeted and personalized content by segmenting customers into different lists based on their preferences and online behaviour. This helps us create a one-to-one connection with our audience which builds trust and strengthen our relations with them.

Also, one of the reasons why emails remain so effective is that many are comfortable communicating with the brands through this channel. In fact, in comparison to other digital channels, 72% of US adults prefer to communicate with brands through email.

These are just some of the many benefits which email offers and is the reason why even after 23 years, it has not just survived but has proven to be one of the best channels to generate leads. 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue.

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges of every marketer. But again, it is also one of their top priorities. And when we look at the stats, Email is usually their first choice to go ahead with. 42% of organisations believe emails are one of their most effective lead generation channels.

With Email marketing being such a useful strategy to generate leads, today let’s look at some of the best tips and strategies that you can follow –

Making a compelling subject line 

A subject line is the most important element in Email Marketing. This is what helps a lead determine if they are going to open the email or not. A subject line should be concise, relevant, personalised, and compelling enough to make your receiver open it.

Optimizing emails for multiple devices

Although most people view their emails on mobile, it is best to optimize it for all your devices as it increases customer satisfaction, brand reputation and makes our emails look modern and relevant.

Sending weekly newsletters

A company newsletter contains promotions, updates, news, and other content sent over a set period of time. These are important in getting attention from prospects, maintaining ongoing connections with leads and existing customers, especially the ones who buy seldomly.  

These newsletters are designed personalized based on their behaviour which further helps strengthen our relationship with them.

Segmenting Emails 

Email segmenting helps you send more personalized and relevant emails to your users. This is important as the needs and conversion time of every lead or a certain group of leads will be different than that of others. 

Thus, sending the same emails to everyone is not always a good idea. Segmenting helps us understand each one from our audience which increases the chances of our leads trusting us, which is crucial to turn them into customers. 

Using gated content   

Gated content is used to generate leads by providing valuable information to our prospects in exchange for personal information like emails or phone numbers. 

This kind of content can be a variety of content assets such as videos, e-books, business case studies, product demos, etc. 

As gated content asks for personal information, it is best avoided in the awareness stage because your prospects are getting to know your brand and wouldn’t be comfortable sharing their personal details with the brand they don’t trust yet. Using it in the consideration or buying stage is the best use of such content. 

Using a landing page (LP) 

A landing page is a short, standalone web page created to generate leads. They help our indecisive web visitors to make a decision by eliminating all distractions and help them take the action which we desire.  

A website page should not be your LP as it may lead the visitors to explore other pages on the site which is good, but would not help you achieve your immediate goals like downloading an e-book or white paper, signing up for newsletters or filling up a form.

Using automation software 

Email automation helps us send action triggered, and personalized emails to the right people at the right time. It helps us nurture leads and understand them by sending them relevant content based on the actions they take. 

This builds trust among our users for us and helps the sales team know which lead is sales-ready and which isn’t. We’re sure you also prioritise building relations with your clients based upon trust just like we do.

Making use of CTAs

CTAs or Call To Action buttons is designed to make users take actions which you want them to. It is important as they provide a clear and straight forward direction to readers on the next steps.

A well-placed CTA ensures that a buyer takes immediate action and also helps in a smooth transition between different stages of your sales funnel.

It’s effective only if you practice

As simple as it looks to implement these tips, it takes a lot of time, resources and efforts to successfully and efficiently carry out these strategies and reap its results. 

So if you are someone who cannot put in the required time, efforts and resources, you can always hire an agency like us at Lorac Media. We specialize in Email Marketing and with our dedicated team of research and marketing, we provide you with the best quality of leads.

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