How is SEO for B2B business different from B2C business? Is it important for B2B marketing? If you are here looking for answers to these questions, then this is the blog for you.

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SEO Process

B2B Market SEO is the same as B2C SEO. The only key difference being- who you’re trying to reach. 

B2B market focuses on reaching professionals through search engines that include people at the executive level, startup founders, and management. Now that we know who our focus audience is, let us know the importance of SEO in a B2B market.

3 Reasons to start with SEO now

SEO for B2B business revolves around building brand credibility, assisting in decision making and building brand awareness. How these factors affect SEO? Let’s take a look-

  • To build credibility

According to research, more than 60% of B2B marketers admitted that they use the web to learn about a company, its reputation in the market and read reviews and opinions before making the final decision. 

This makes it extremely important for B2B service providers to manage and maintain their reputation online. It is also important to position your company as a subject matter expert in your domain. 

To achieve this, it is imperative that you produce authentic, informative, and engaging pieces of content online to attract new prospects and existing customers. In fact, Google also places importance on a website that has credible content present online. Unique, informative, and engaging content builds trust among buyers and also improves SEO rank.

  • Assist Decision Making

Because B2B purchases are typically a significant long-term investment, more people need to be involved in purchasing decisions. Professionals, managers, and executives will approach the decision from very different perspectives, so you can expect them to make different queries on Google.

This means that a B2B company needs to optimize pages for answering:

  • Tactical questions from professionals 
  • High-level questions from executives 
  • And strategic questions from managers 

And depending on what you’re selling (and to whom you’re selling), this group of people can be very broad. Our team at Lorac Media target the right audience for your business, get in touch with us anytime to know more on this.

  • Building Awareness 

Since B2B target audiences are unlikely to convert on their first visit, B2B SEO is more about spreading awareness in search engines than getting them to buy.

This means that B2B SEO isn’t just about making sure your website shows up when people search for your product category. It’s about getting your audience used to seeing your website in the SERPs when they search for services you provide so that they remember your company name when they actually need the service.

A good B2B SEO strategy creates trust in the market through which you can target the right audience so that they can rely on you to solve their problems.

Here are some tips for a good B2B SEO strategy

B2B tips | Lorac
B2B Business Tips

Let’s give your enterprise a new direction, starting with these tips-

  • Create High-Quality Landing Pages

Landing pages are the first impression of your company, high-quality landing pages grab the attention of the audience.

  • Be updated about changes in Google algorithm

Google algorithm keeps on changing to make search experience easy and more relevant to the users. So it’s important to know the updates and optimise your website content accordingly.

  • Make your website content mobile-friendly 

Decision making in a B2B business depends on reviews from executive to managers. Most people search for queries regarding services on their phone thus mobile optimised website is very much required.

  • Take a question-based approach to Content Development

Viewers prefer engaging content that can answer their questions in the very first para. If the viewer feels they are getting their answer in the first part then only they will continue to read further.

  • Consider Chatbots for SEO

Chatbots are able to attend queries 24/7 and can provide the right answer if optimised well, this will lead to having more engagement with the potential buyer.

  • Optimize for Site Speed

This is one of the first steps that any business should focus on. Pages that take time to load may lose a high potential buyer and increase the bounce rate. 

If not now then when?

If you are still confused here is our suggestion, now is the perfect time to start with SEO because the current pandemic situation indicates the big market potential for the growth of SEO in a B2B market. It serves as the key to the inquisitive minds that seek knowledge and answers related to B2B companies. For further queries, you can reach our team of experts at Lorac Media.