SEO and PPC are two sides of the same coin and are both essential in the online marketing space. But not all companies need to use both these methods in their digital marketing campaigns.

 So which one should you use? 

To answer this question, let us first help you understand what each of these terms means and what distinguishes the two from each other. Let’s begin with SEO. 

SEO – Your organic way to the top 

SEO is an organic way of driving traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

Let’s say you are searching for the meaning of the words lead generation on Google. Google will show you a list of links on its results page. 

Which one are you more likely to click? Probably any from the top 3 right? 

SEO helps you rank among these top 3 links on the results page. 

So, whenever a person searches with search terms that are relevant to your website content, your page shows up at the top of the results page known as SERP- Search Engine Results Page. 

Ranking at the top of the SERPs increases the chances of visitors visiting your website more than any other listed on the result page. And all of this can be done without spending a dollar, thus the word organic. 

Okay, so SEO helps you drive traffic organically right? This was easy to understand. Now let’s take a look at what PPC is.

PPC – Increase your reach with online ads

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is an advertising method which allows businesses and website owners like you to show ads next to searches on various search engines. 

Google Adwords, a popular PPC platform which you may be well aware of helps you show these advertisements on Google SERPs. To simplify further, let’s take the same example from SEO. 

Once a person has entered the search terms, also known as keywords, they see various links on the SERPs from top to bottom. 

Here you may have observed banner images to the right of the page and web links in green colour at the top and bottom of the page with ads written beside it. These are what PPC ads are. 

Unlike SEO, PPC is paid and charges the advertisers based upon different criteria you choose like, pay per click, pay per view and lots more.  

Now that you know what PPC and SEO mean, you might have got an idea of what the difference between the two is. Let’s take a look at them in detail. 

SEO and PPC, how are they different?

  • PPC requires platforms like Adwords to help you show your ads on Google and all its partner websites which are more than a million. SEO, on the other hand, makes your weblinks visible only on the SERPs of every search engine. 
  • Driving traffic through PPC requires a minimum amount of investment, whereas, for SEO, it is free. 
  • PPC ads appear on the top, bottom and side of the SERPs and help you get immediate results. SEO, in comparison, is a long term process which requires you to optimize your website regularly. 
  • Keywords play an essential role in both PPC and SEO. However, PPC allows you to target many keywords at the same time, whereas SEO allows limited use of keywords.
  • When it comes to calculating ROI, PPC, with the help of platforms like Adwords, helps you calculate your ROI easily as compared to SEO, which considers many factors making it difficult to calculate ROI as accurately as PPC. 

Now that you know the differences between both SEO and PPC, let’s get to the answer you are awaiting. 

SEO or PPC, in which strategy should your company invest?

SEO is a must-have in your marketing strategy as millions of people are spending an enormous amount of time on google looking for answers. 

However, this is a long term process, and for a newly set up company using PPC, with its ability to produce immediate results will be more helpful.

So, having a mixed strategy of SEO and PPC with a focus on the long term and short term is what we suggest.

Having a mixed strategy of SEO and PPC is what we suggest. Who are we? 

We are a B2B marketing agency helping businesses with lead generation using a multi-channel approach of which SEO and PPC are a big part. 

If you are someone who wants to focus on what you do best and leave the work of generating traffic and leads into the hands of an expert, you can reach out to us here.